The Fireworks will begin at dusk, which is around 10:40 pm. Please allow ample time to get your spot in the park. Come early to get your spot.

Getting to the park:
Paid parking at Prairieland Park at $10.00 per vehicle.  Please follow the directions from Prairieland Park attendants. Please be patient at the end of the evening. Saskatoon Police Service will be directing exit traffic on all streets in the area until the traffic has cleared.
 Ride your Bike  Seiuwest is sponsoring a FREE Bike Valet (secure bike parking) on the grounds. Ride your bike to and from, and don’t worry about traffic!

Walk to the park….we just ask that you respect the restricted areas, which are the hot zone for fireworks, which is in place from 8:00 am to midnight.

Ride the Bus to the park, and after the fireworks. 

Route 1 and Route 19 will be running in the vicinity of Diefenbaker Park via regular Sunday/Holiday service until 9 p.m. Normal fares apply.

Starting at 10:15 pm, after the firework show ends, you can also catch a free ride home with Saskatoon Transit. MAP (PDF)

Four special routes will leave Diefenbaker Park from a temporary bus stop on St. Henry Ave facing north between Exhibition Grounds Rd and Ruth Street.

Buses will follow a designated route, however, drivers will also stop on request at bus stops or locations where it’s safe to stop.

The four special service routes include:

Bus #1 – will travel to the Downtown Terminal, then continue on 2nd Avenue and Warman Road and will end at the Lawson Heights Mall Terminal.

Bus #2 – will travel to the Downtown Terminal, then continue on 22nd Street and will end at the Confederation Mall Terminal.

Bus #3 – will travel via Ruth Street to the Market Mall Terminal, then continue on Taylor Street and Acadia Drive and will end at the Centre Mall Terminal.

Bus #4 – will travel via 8th Street to the Centre Mall Terminal, then continue on to Central Avenue and 115th Street and will end at the bus stop at Berini Drive and 115th Street.


There is no charge to enter the park.

ATM machines available on site

Many food vendors, beverage tent, and other services are available. All of these are priced by their operators. You can bring any food or non-alcoholic beverage you would like to the park for your family/personal consumption. Please use the recycling and refuse containers for any items that are to be discarded.

City Bylaw Prohibits smoking in all City Parks.

Please leave your pets at home. If you bring them, be prepared to clean up behind them. We have had many incidents of pets not getting along, we prefer the animals are not in the park.

Children’s play area, tickets are sold by the vendor.

Diefenbaker Park is located directly west of Prairieland Park, on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River, and bordered on the south side of Circle Drive South.

Disability Parking will be available in Prairieland Parking lot. See parking map - marked in blue